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Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Small Wind Turbine 5KW

Product Name :
Small Wind Turbine 5KW
Product Category :
wind generators
Product Description :
Green Energy---5KW Wind Turbine
Model Number: FD6.0 – 5KW
Rotor Blade Diameter: 6.0m
Number of Blades: 3pcs
Materials of Blade: Glass Fiber
Rated Rotation Speed: 200(r/m)
Type of Generator: Permanent-magnet 3 Phase AC
Rated Power: 5000W
Max Power: 7000W
Output Voltage: 220v
Cut-in Wind Velocity: 3(m/s)
Rated Wind Velocity: 10(m/s)
Working Wind Velocity: 3-30(m/s)
Survival Wind Velocity: 50(m/s)
Tower Height: 9m
Output controlling system: Electrified Controller & Inverter
Recommended Batteries: 12V100AH, 18 pieces
Can load: light, fan, charger, TV, pump, washer, refrigerator, electric cooker and air conditioner
Authentication: CE certificate

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