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Cast Iron Flanged Y Type Strainer

1.Working Pressure and Termperature:
Size DN50 to DN600,working pressure PN16/Class 125;
Size DN50 to DN300,working pressure PN25/Class 250
Temperature from -10℃ to 120℃.

2.Face to Face Dimensions:DIN3202 F1 Series;

3.Flange Types:
EN1092-2 PN10/PN16/PN25,ANSI B16.1 Class 125,ANSI B16.2 Class 250,BS 10 Table D/E
JIS 10K/16K ,other flange types are available

4.Standard Screens
Size                    Hole Dia                   Free Flow Area
DN50 to 80        1.5mm                         33%
DN100 to 600    3.0mm                         40%

Part Name            Material                                             ASTM Spec.
Body                    Cast Iron/Ductile Iron                A126 Class B/A536 65-45-12
Cover                  Cast Iron/Ductile Iron                 A126 Class B/A536 65-45-12
Screen                Stainless Steel                            AISI 304
Gasket                Teflon/EPDM/Graphite                Commercial
Plug                     Cast Iron/Ductile Iron                A126 Class B/A536 65-45-12